S E R I E S :
S P E L U N K 

Acrylic, Paper
Dimensions: 19 x 24 in. (48.3 x 61 cm)

The Spelunk series is based on images from immersion inside volcanic rock. It is an investigation of available light to describe the effect of water, massive pressure, and high mineral content on the once malleable hot magma.

The Spelunk series is based on exploration of a farmer's cave (spelunking) on the side of Volcan Arenal, an active volcano in Costa Rica. Fissures, crags, stalactites, stalagmites, underground rivers and lakes, tunnels, and high arched ceilings covered with bats, are remembered. From the light cast by our headlamps and our low, crawling positions on our bellies in the water, the deep shadows and reflections created striking contrasts between light and dark, detail and murk, red mud and blue reflected light.

Contact information: info@albanycaart.com
Spelunk 06                                     SOLD
 Spelunk 02                                    SOLD
Spelunk 03                                    SOLD

Spelunk 04                                    

Spelunk 05                                    SOLD
   Spelunk 11                                    SOLD

Spelunk 07                                    SOLD
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   Spelunk 09                                    SOLD

Spelunk 10                                    SOLD
 Spelunk 01                                   SOLD
   Spelunk 12

Spelunk 13                                   SOLD

Spelunk 14                                    SOLD

Spelunk 15 

Spelunk 16

Spelunk 17

Spelunk 18                                    SOLD

Spelunk 19

Spelunk 20

Spelunk 21                                  SOLD

Spelunk 22

Spelunk 23

Spelunk 24

Spelunk 25

              Spelunk 26

Spelunk 27



Spelunk 28


Spelunk 29


     Spelunk 30

    Spelunk 31